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hola. I’m Elisabeth.

I’m Elisabeth Rosario, the (only and thus favorite) daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. By day, I run a one-woman communications consultancy for startups, lifestyle brands and venture capital firms, and in my spare time I’m the author of The Latinx Collective. I’m also an honoree of Adweek’s 30 under 30 communications leaders, and a graduate of Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business.

The inspiration behind starting The Latinx Collective: I’ve been in the communications and media industry for nearly a decade, with most of that time working in tech and venture capital spaces. I’ve realized that the Latinx community is underrepresented in the tech and finance worlds as well as in mainstream media newsrooms, not because we aren’t interested or capable, but because these industries have been historically unwelcoming (if not hostile) towards us. We’re now seeing a lot more conversations happening about our community and its impact.

Latinx people will soon make up 30% of the population and become the largest ethnic “minority” in the United States. We need to make sure our perspectives are represented in mainstream newsrooms and that we’re controlling our own narratives across industries. That’s where The Latinx Collective comes in.

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